Let’s continue our Monday Blues tradition with Tony Joe White‘s “As the Crow Flies” , also covered by Irish legend Rory Gallagher.


Thursday starts with a very “80s-like almost new wave” tune from the Swedish indie scene. Enjoy!

And because it is that time of the week, we need some cool bluesy tune to celebrate.

Check out The Duke Spirit, female-fronted quintet that was formed in London back in 2003. They are currently touring the UK! thedukespirit.com 

New Order’s “Blue Monday” Played with Obsolete 1930s Instruments.

What a brilliant cover of Robyn‘s Dancing on my Own! Yet another Swedish electronic hit that can easily turn into a folky-rock classic.

What a brilliant pop punk gem this is. Let’s take a trip back to the 80s and enjoy the vibe!

And the words in the script seem to fit
‘Cept we have some surprise
I just want this to last
Or my future is past and all gone
And if this is the case
Then I’ll lose in life’s race from now on