An ‘oldie’…. but spine chilling performance šŸ™‚

And here it is! Broken Bells’ fresh new singleĀ After the Disco


While Elbow unveil their new single ‘New York Morning’ as the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming albumĀ The Take Off and Landing of Everything,Ā we enjoy one of their best tracks ….Ā Mondays is for drinking to the seldom seen kid! Ohhhh OOhhhhh !


Holding on for Life

Broken Bells remixed by Nick Zimmer! Even better than the orginal. Great Vibe.

Brilliant video and psychotic atmosphere – it was 1993, second studio album by PJ Harvey.

It Happened Hip Hip Hooray!

R.E.M. are in the process of Ā unveiling Ā their latest wonderĀ Collapse into Now by uploading one gem at a time. Ā It nearly feels like and Advent calendar to me!

Here are two of the main videos that caught my attention and made me think: WOW. They still rock and in great style. The first one is the video of Mine Smell Like Honey (that you can download for free on Amazon) . Beautiful, catchy and REMesque. The video was directed by Dominic DeJospeh and it seems to be a tribute to Buster Keaton’s silent movies where people “look like they’re getting hurt when they’re really not,” Mills says. In fact, during the clip Stipe is ceaselessly carried up and down the stairs by a bunch of guys. It’s all about Ā MoVeMeNt…

In black and white, like a real silent movie, but distorted, interrupted by vibrant flashy colors and lights that turn it into a pop art masterpiece.

The second surprise is the recording of the live session for the new song Discoverer. This one is more traditional, but mighty and intense. It evokes the golden years of Monster or New Adventures in Hifi. Ā I think this is going to be one of their best albums so far…. it has it all: poetry, great vibes, amazing beat, enigmatic lyrics. Rock n’ Roll at its best. And…. you can feel Eddie Vedder’s and Music Goddess Patti Smith’s touch šŸ˜‰